Utah Lacrosse & Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation Team Up For Jakob Satterfield

Meet Jakob Satterfield. Jakob is a 9-year-old boy who has had his fair share of trials in life at a young age. Jakob was diagnosed in the fall with a very rare brain tumor. In early November, Jakob underwent 8+ hours of surgery to remove the tumor. After a successful surgery, Jakob has been in and out of the hospital with various treatments, checkups and procedures. Jakobs sister, Josie, is a friend of Utah defenseman Chad Sundberg. Sundberg has been teaching Jakob about lacrosse what and what good team and teammates can do for one another. Through it all, Jakob has fallen in love with the game.

“I started playing lacrosse when I was about 11, close to the same age as Jakob,” said Sundberg. “The memories of my first team, first stick, and first game are some of my most cherished memories. More than anything, I want him to have an opportunity for those experiences and memories that have been so influential in my life.”

Sundberg has been visiting Jakob in the hospital and always brings a few fellow teammates or coaches with him. There has been at least one player from the team at the hospital each day Jakob has had treatment since early December. Through the process, Jakob has touched the lives of several members of the Utah lacrosse team.

But perhaps the biggest joy Jakob has felt was when he met a true lacrosse legend, Casey Powell. Powell was in Utah enjoying the slopes and promoting the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation. Coaches Marcus Holman and Adam Ghitelman are both board members for the CPWLF. They mentioned Jakob’s story Powell was on board to pay a visit.

The goal of the CPWLF is to be recognized as a source of help to the lacrosse community at large. They help create Support Moments to lacrosse players that need their spirits lifted. They match pro lacrosse players and college teams with kids in the area. Over the holidays, the foundation held a signature CPWLF Social Fundraising Event at a local lacrosse friend of Casey Powell’s in Park City. With your support, the foundation hopes to exceed the goal of $5,000 with hopes that it can help Jakob and his family in a significant way.

“Since the first day I met Jakob at one of our clinics he has captured my heart,” said Head Coach Brian Holman. “Whatever we can do to make him and his family more comfortable during this trying time we will do. One of our team slogans is ‘To Find a Way’ and that’s what I told Jakob. We are going to find a way to beat this. Our goal is for Jakob to lead us onto the field for our first home game. I hope we can all rally around The Satterfield Family during this time and help in any way possible.”

How You Can Help
There are two great ways to help Jakob.

  1. The Satterfield family has a GoFundMe page that is updated by family members.
  2. The CPWLF GoFundMe page setup specifically for Jakob. Any donation to the 501(c)3 The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation is a tax deductible donation.

Either way you donate, the money will go directly to Jakob and his family for support. Click below to support Jakob.