Head Coach Brian Holman – Westminster Preview

Welcome back to another edition of the weekly catch-up with Utah head lacrosse coach Brian Holman. So before we get going, let’s kind of recap last week and what you thought your team did well and what you need to improve on heading into this week? Absolutely. Last week, well, I thought what we did well, let’s start on the ball’s good side. I thought our defense did a good job. You know, holding a team like Jacksonville, I think they’re averaging close to 13 goals, a game to eight. And when you look at the film that could have easily been six if we were just buttoned up a little bit. So I thought our defense really played well. You know, Rylan at close. Then Joey and Danny all did a nice job along with our hybrid. So, and our goalkeeping, you know I think we were close to 60%. I don’t know the exact number, so all in all, that was a good day. The not so good part was obviously our offense struggled. And, and, you know, and I thought we got intimidated to be quite honest with you. And that really hasn’t happened to us since we’ve been out here. But, you know, it’s just the way some of these games go and Jacksonville, you know, played with a huge chip on their shoulder similar to the way we played them last year.