11/10/2019 Q: How Can You Shed Your Skin and Grow a Little Bit More Today?

Freidrich Nietzsche once observed that “the snake that can’t shed its skin will perish”.  The advice is simple, ‘grow or die’.  We’re constantly are either moving forward into growth or back into safety.  There is no safety in the status quo. Every day, with each micro decision, we need to choose to step outside our comfort zone and choose growth.  This period of uncertainty will be by definition uncomfortable.  However, like a caterpillar, we can’t transform into a butterfly without first entering our cocoon of vulnerability.  We need to approach this uncomfortable time period with fearless and confident conviction.  We will need to fight the urge to turn back to our old self.  It’s a safe and easy choice.  Your worst enemy will be that whiny voice in your head urging you to quit  and choose safety.  To combat this voice, you will need to prepare an equally strong positive voice that champions your desire to grow.  Have a mantra (mind tool) prepared to answer your whiny voice.  Recite your prepared mantra every time that whiny voice speaks up. Reciting your mantra will feed your higher-self, reaffirm your superhero identity, and keeps you moving towards growth!

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