11/15/2019 Q: Your Choice: Do you listen to your spirits urge to  grow, or your animistic urge to exist? #Purpose #Life Force #(B)Responsibility #Flip #(A)Know the Game we’re Playing

11/15/2019 Q: Your Choice: Do you listen to your spirits urge to grow, or your animistic urge to exist? #Purpose #Life Force #(B)Responsibility #(A)Know the Game we’re Playing #Flip the Switch

Your inner evolution is urging you to grow! Every moment of every day we hear this call.  Some days it’s just a whisper.  Winners listen to their inner whisper, while losers allow it be drowned by the howls of their animalistic urge to survive.   Phil Stutz, and Barry Michaels in their book, “Coming Alive” call this higher call, your ‘Life Force’.  They call your, opposite, lesser force ‘Part X’.  Stutz and Michaels write, “If Part X is the prophet of impossibility, the life force is the herald of your limitless potential, what you’re capable of and that gives you the consistent energy to become the highest version of yourself”.

Ancient cultures have different words to describe this powerful energy,

“The belief that an invisible animating energy underlies our existence is thousands of years old. Unlike our modern, mechanical notion of energy, which we understand via mathematics, this is a living energy that we feel inside us. In Eastern religions, this energy, or Life Force, is known variously as prana (in Indian philosophy and medicine), lung (in Tibetan Buddhism), and chi (in Chinese philosophy and medicine). In the Old Testament, it was called ruach, the breath of God, which gave mankind not only life, but the spirit to evolve.

Connecting to your ‘Life Force’ is the secret to your greatness.  I highly recommend reading “Coming Alive”.  The book teaches us to connect to this Life Force.  It’s how we defeat Part X (The voice in your head telling you that, “things are impossible, don’t stand out, give in to your impulses,  just exist”).   We ALL have that voice within us and the voice gets louder every time we listen to it.  Just, the old Cherokee proverb says, “The wolf you feed will live”.   It’s our life’s mission to feed your Life Force to starve Part X.


Whether you like it or not, you’re in the arena battling Part X every moment of every day.  The question is, do you pick up your weapon and fight? Or, do you acquiesce and let Part X Defeat you? Every moment you have a choice. Do you choose growth or safety? Right or wrong? Easy or hard? Part X or your Life Force?

Phase1: of Mental Training – Prepare for the Moment

Our mantras are the only weapons we will ever have to fight Part X. These mantras are our chosen responses to our emotions.  The first step to mindset training is choosing our most empowered response (mantras) to each emotion we will face. This is not an exercise to take lightly.  This is why we encourage you to journal every day to: reaffirm your identity and commit to think on the values you want to live and behave in the way that is in line that identity.  Part of choosing your behaviors is choosing your response to your emotions.

Do you use your emotions as reminders to recite your mantras/tools, to rehearse your identity, remind yourself to breathe and stay present? What are your specific mantras/tools? The practices, the simple techniques you can use to bridge the gap between insight and action. Using them over time enables you to fulfill your potential. You use a tool whenever you find yourself stuck; if you use it every time you notice yourself being less than your best to unlock your potential. Tools help
you cross the threshold and become the person you sensed you could be.”
that. The Tools are need to be used every.single.time we need them. What are other mind tools that you can put into action whenever you notice yourself being less than your best?

Whatever your tool is, it’s imperative that you have a response designated for each emotional trigger ready-at-hand.  This is the first of the first three phases of the mental training process. Fill in your responses here.  If you need some encouragement, check out Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels Tools Here:

Once we journal and create our response, the next thing we can do proactively to put ourselves in a position to respond appropriate is

  1. Create More Moments of presence – more space where you can choose your response. MEDITATE! Practice your focus.  If you are unwilling to meditate, pray, find moments to practice silencing your mind we can’t help you.  You’re choosing to let you Part X control your life. We’ve talked endlessly about



“Your primary emotional
responsibility is to keep
yourself in a positive state,
no matter what’s happening
around you. … We all have the
ability to do this—to generate
an enthusiastic, inspired
sense of life no matter what
circumstances we’re in.”
~ Barry Michels & Phil Stutz


  1. Notice the underlying emotion –
  2. Practice your mind tool to “flip the switch” and choose your response
  3. Continue to step outside your comfort zone to seek moments to practice.


The good part is tha


You need to develop you Mind Tools


The purpose of this article is not to motivate you, but a call to action.


Supporting Quotes:

“As human beings we have a divine nature — partly physical but essentially spiritual.  We are constantly batted between two conflicting forces.  One force is the fierce downward thrust to past conditioning as seperate, self-oriented, physiccreatures. Yet built into our very nature is an inner drive that will not let us be satisfied with a life governed only by biological laws.  Some inner evolutionary imperative is constantly exhorting us to grow, to reach for the highest we can achieve –Eknath Easwaran