11/26/19 Q: How to Act Like the Best Version of You?

Imagine if you were acting on a show about lacrosse. You are the star. The camera is focusing solely on your mannerisms as you pass, shoot, throw, set picks, etc. It’s isn’t focusing on if the ball goes in the net or if your passes land in your teammate’s stick. How would you prepare for the role? I imagine you would watch videos of how the best players in the role-play the game. You would most likely choose a single player that you identify with. You would study how they move when no one is watching, how they celebrate their teammate’s success, how they expect to make a play every time they touch the ball.

To really get into the role you would act as if you were that player. The camera would capture the confidence and poise you naturally radiant when you rid yourself of anxiety and self-doubt

This is Tim Gallwey’s prescription for success that he shares in his book, “The Inner Game of Tennis”. Communicating with what he calls “self-2” which is in effect, the best version of yourself who knows how to crush it if you simply get out of your own way.

He writes, “above all, your face must express no self-doubt. You should look as if you are hitting every ball exactly where you want to. Really get into the role, hit as hard as you like and ignore where the ball is actually going”.

It’s that simple; act as the best version of yourself is the best way to improve in tennis. His other two mental techniques::
1) let go of judgment
2) the art of visualizing the results you want to see

On the tennis court, on the lacrosse field, in the classroom, and in your relationships the prescription is simple; act as the best version of yourself. When should you practice this? Every moment of every day! Flip the switch when you notice yourself acting as a less than ideal version of yourself.

Start your practice when you wake up.
1. Journal on your “to be” list. Remember 1) your superhero identity, 2) your superpowers, 3) and the behaviors you want to evoke today for the Big 3 Areas of your life.
2. Visualize and recite the mantras that remind you of how this identity would act throughout the day
3. Seek out opportunities to challenge this identity. Times when you can step outside your comfort zone to grow!

Commit to this practice every day. Not only is it fun, but you will quickly be rewarded with more happiness and success. What this practice does is sharpen the only tool you really have; your mind.

this is the only thing you take with you in any situation in your life.  it is what determines how you respond to emotional stress and physical pain and every other difficulty you encounter.  It is the basis for every decision you make, and every interaction you have with other people.

When you observe it you may realize that your mind is totally out of control.  The solution more meditation. More training your focus.

The obstacle to paying attention is thinking. Thoughts continue to arise. You forget that you are trying to meditate at all. This happens over mere seconds.