Sam Harris — On Gratitude — Evoking the Emotion Upon Command!

Gratitude is a pillar of Utah Lacrosse, somethin which we practice daily.

In Sam HArris’s “Waking Up App” which I highly recommend purchasing, he writes of the power of Gratitude. And our ability to instantaneously access it to lift our mood.  This is a great tool that allows us to ‘flip the switch’ and become our best self in this current moment.

Gratitude – Transcribed:

“Lot of research to suggest that Gratitude  is good for us. As an emotion it is very easy to envoke.  It should be easy to find something that your are greatful, and it is very wise and skillful to do this upon command.

One reflection in an ordianry stressed state of mind, reacting to a hassle, stuck in traffic

I think of bad things that haven’t happened to me. I haven’t been diagnosed witha life-threatening illness, I am not stuck in a warzone andI begin to think of all the people who are suffering those dislocation and I reflect if I was in their shes id be desperate to get back to the situation im now in just stuck in traffic, late for an appointment, but with no other care in the world.

I noticed this at dinner the  other night everyone was in a farily mediocre state of mind, we were alldisgruntled or stressed out. i had a million things I was thinking about and I began to think of how little joy we were taking in one anothers companies, then i thought if i had died yesterday and could have the opportunity to beback with my family in this moment, i thought about how much i would savor being back in this exact moment, and it totally transformed my moomd it gave me instanteous acces to my best self and a feeling of pure gratitude for the people in my life. Just think of what it  would be like to lose everything and be restored to the moment you are now in, however ordinary you canreboot your mind in this way and it need not take any time.  the truth is you know exactly what it is like to feel overwhelming gratitude for your life, and if you have the freedom and the free attention to lesten to this esson you are in an unusual situation.  There are at least a billion people on earth at this moment who would consider there prayers answer if they could change places with you.  There are at least a billion peoplewho are suffering dibilitating pain or political oppression or acute stages of bearevement to have your health even just sort of . To have friends, even only a few. To have hobbies or interests, and the freedom to pursue them. To have spent this day free from some terrifying time with chaos is lucky. Just loook around you and take a moment to feel how lucky you are. You get another day to live on this earth.  Enjoy it! spend

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