Friday 10/25/19 Q: How Do You Approach Health and Emotional Challenges?

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Q: how do you approach your health and emotional challenges? We can cure ‘acute’ illnesses like strep throat with a pill. But we can’t cure Cancer or Alzheimer’s with a pill. We can’t cure anxiety or depression or unhappiness with a pill. These are ‘chronic’ illnesses that can only be cured or prevented by taking constant daily action to fend off the inflammation, deficient nutrients, and toxins that cause our health and emotional struggles. Want to be happy and healthy? The prescription is well known—show up every moment 1)honoring your fundamental habits (eat,move, sleep, breath & focus)and 2)living with virtue (honor, humility,passion,gratitude, trust). There is no magic pill. You have to show in every decision and make the choice that will make yourself proud. Do the work! #trust #journal Check out the Optimize +1 on: Illnesses: Acute vs. Chronic

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