Friday, 11/1/2019 Q: Do you set sleep curfews? A: You Should!

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Q: Do you set sleep curfews? Sleep is a necessity not a luxury. Getting less than 8 hrs is correlated with cancer, dementia, etc. We are the only species that actively tries to cheat their sleep. Why is this? It starts with making sure that we have a purpose to wake up to every morning that is more important than our desire to stay late being entertained. You need to want to make that trade-off! To be happy you need to create before you react to the entertainment that someone else created. Now that you’re committed to getting a good night of sleep, it’s time to set your curfews; what time do you Stop using caffeine? Stop exercising? Stop eating? Stop looking at screens? Stop thinking about work? We need to manage all these habits to assure we wake up feeling great, ready to attack the goals the next day! #sleep #sleep101 #journal101 #shutdowncomplete #pmrituals

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