Stop Treating Pull Bad Habits Out at the Root! [The Longevity Paradox by Steven Gundry]

Modern medicine focuses on alleviating symptoms of a disease,  rather than treating the root cause of the disease.  We put a band-aid over a wound, take a pill, feel better at the moment, and then continue living our poor habits that caused the illness in the future.  Doctors should get a bit of grace because by the time they see the patient, the patient is already sick and the doctor has to focus on damage control.

However, like all things in life,  we need to be proactive, not reactive with our health.  There is a better way to treat the disease– to honor your fundamental habits and live healthy before you feel sick.  When you feel sick, it should be a wake-up call that you need to change your lifestyle.

We’ve known since ancient times that the root cause of illness stems from not honoring your fundamental habits (eating. sleeping, moving, breathing.  2400 years ago, the father of medicine, Hippocrate shared that all disease starts in your gut.  This is empowering because all disease can be stopped in the gut as well.  We choose to feel sick by not honoring our fundamentals.

Sure, your genes play a role, but your daily micro-habits pull the trigger.  You can only blame your parents to a certain extent for your life circumstances.

So why does modern culture not do a better job teaching us that we have more control over our health? The answer is because nothing great is ever created in a day. Staying healthy is a lifestyle.  It is really, really hard to consistently eat, move, sleep, and breath correctly.  And average people don’t have the discipline to live this healthy lifestyle.   It’s a lot easier to accept the fact that we are just unlucky when we get sick, or everyone gets sick in flu season. Although we can be unlucky, it’s empowering to know that we have greater agency over our health than we ever imagined!

Exercise: Never feel sick again!

How? Honor your fundamentals.  Each day deliberately focus on creating a bodily environment that is resistant to sickness. Take a holistic approach to your health.   Take inventory of what effects the only disease there is; cellular malfunction. We must create an evironment for our cells to thrive without overloading it with toxin