Monday, 11/4/19 Q: How can you Improve you Present Now to Build a Future in Advance?

This moment is all we will ever have.  We get in trouble when we step outside the present moment and become anxious thinking about the future (often picturing worst-case scenarios that never come to light), or we become depressed thinking about the past,  remisicning about regrets or “better” times that no longer exist.

The only way to insulate ourselves from this unnecessary anxiety and depression is to ground ourselves in the present moment.  It’s here, in the present moment that we can truly live with enthusiasm and create the life we dream of.

How do we take advantage of the present moment? If you have been practicing your focus (aka meditating!) you will find that you have more and more of these moments of total awareness, moments when you’re not lost in thought.  It’s in these moments that you can proactively act like the person you want to be.  The idea is to quickly cue yourself to “flip the switch” and instantly act like the best version of yourself.


Set reminders throughout the day that cue you to practice the habits you deem important. You can:

The point is to be proactive and practice the habits that you think are important.  As you practice, little by little (like all great things), these habits will become second nature.  Your future will become brighter as you can continue to choose good habits to install and continue to chip away at bad habits that are getting in the way of becoming your best-self!

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