Q: Are You Approaching Your Current Task Like a Pro or an Amaetuer?

Consider starting a karate class.  You and all your classmates all start at the same level.  You all have very little if any formal training; you all start as white belts.

There is a huge difference in the intensity and focus of those who say ” I’m going to be a black belt”, and those who say “It might be cool to be a black belt, but I’m comfy being a white belt”.

Guess which mindset is more apt to do the work necessary to actually become a black belt?

The simplest placebo effect is your attitude, the way you approach a task.  And a  simple one-word mantra or internal dialogue can instantly shift your mindset and the way that you will approach each training session.   This can trigger you to instantly change your attitude, which will, in turn, create a cascading series of effects that will allow you to show up at your best and change your life!

Activities will become more fun, you develop greater skills, and you will impress people with your passion, intention, and purpose.

When you undertake any task, you always have the choice of how you will approach it.  You can approach it as an amateur or a professional.  The amateur, thinks, “this task is fun, it passes the time, it needs to get done, but doesn’t have to be great”. While professionals always do their best.  They believe that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

The champion doesn’t go through the motions in anything in life.  They seek to “turn pro” in all things.  Whether they are putting together a puzzle, playing a game, or asked to dance, sing, or give a speech in front of a group of their peers, they turn pro.  They do their best, and forget the rest.  They don’t worry about winning or losing, they don’t worry about what the critics may think of them, they stay present,  turn pro,  and do their absolute best.

Don’t be the amateur who shows up with a pre-determined excuse of why they will not succeed.  Many people let themselves off the hook by telling themselves and others that, “they didn’t try”,  These excuses allow the amateur to win or lose with their fragile identity intact, but it is a slippery slope that will not allow you to succeed long-term.  It will train your mind to quit, to never go-all, to become happy

We need to become the healthy optimalizer,who always competes but are kind to themselves no matter the outcome. Because we won’t always win.  We can’t control circumstances outside our control.  Elite performers fail fast and fail often.  Except they don’t consider failing as losing.  It’s just an experiment.


Even worse are the people who don’t even try, the ones who “make fun” of the ones who do approach ana activity with full intention. The ironic thing is the ones who go all in, always get the last laugh.  These are the kids who sit in the front of the room and ask questions,

Decide how you’re going to show up in life which is this metaphoric DOJO,