Sunday, 10/27/19 Q: Will you Answer the Call to Greatness? Or Accept the Invitation to Mediocrity Today?

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Q: Will you answer the call to be the Hero of Your Life? Or accept the invitation to sit on the sideline? We always have a choice to: 1) be the hero of our life or 2) sit in the sideline of our life. We will be faced with this question everyday for the rest of our lives. It’s easy to accept the invitation to mediocrity because temptation is everywhere. Think of it as a game. The only way to win is to resist and answer your call to greatness. Answering the call to be your best-self is hard, because as easy as it is to decide on the right micro decision that will bring you joy, it’s equally easy not to. I.e. it’s just as easy to pick up a piece of trash on your path as it is to walk past it. But to have a great life you have to go all in on making the right micro-decision because everything registers to create your current identity. No one else will know but you! Are you the type of person who picks up trash when know one else is looking? The world will tempt you to be lazy, it will our obstacles in your way that will make you want to quit…don’t give in! See your problems as gifts—“God” put them there to help you develop your grow into your best-self. #trust #heroesjourney #purpose101

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