Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. Your Goals Won’t Be Either! — Start Small, Take Daily Action!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, Nothing great was built in a day.

It’s natural to want to see overnight results, that’s human nature. However, we need to take pride in showing up every day, laying down a single brick, and improving rep by rep.

That’s also why we journal—to show up every day and take the first baby step towards a grand vision. If we journal aka (re-affirm our identity) in the morning we begin to create momentum to have a great day. As we practice the habits of building our identity daily we will become the person we want to be. Our successful transformation will appear effortless, even ‘overnight’ to the public, but we know that we showed up patiently, consistently, and deliberately every day, trusting that greatness, happiness, and success is a mindset, not a destination. #trusttheprocess #journal #creativity101