Thursday, 10/31/19 # Carpe Diem Why we Journal?

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10/31/19 Q: How do you journal when you don’t have time? I journal to reaffirm my identity, the man I want to be today in the “big 3” areas of my life: energy, work,love. I write it down the same few phrases every single day to cement it into my consciousness. I learned way back in grade school, that there is magic to putting pen to paper. It’s easier to remember and you think about what you right down throughout the day. More than any “to-do” list, isn’t the most important thing that we want to remember is our “to-be” list? I’ve found that on days when I write down who I want to be, I’m more apt to live, that identity, adhere to the virtues that my “best-self” identity deems are important, and then behave in a way that aligns those virtues. When I behave in a way that aligns with my ‘best-self’ identity I feel great. That is my reward for living on purpose. And it all starts with journaling. In 9 word (1 minute) you can accomplish the first baby step to win to choose your identity and win the day. U do this every single day. Energy, Work, Love. Who do I want to be? What does that person value? How do they behave? Either you chose your identity or the world will choose it for you. Be proactive and create your dream life. No excuses (it’s only 9 words)! A lot of people talk about want to be great but not many are willing to do the work—take the first baby step and join me on your heroes journey!

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