Now What Needs to be Done? [Constructive Living by David Reynolds]

Although we can’t control our feelings, we can control our behaviors.

In Constructive Living, David Reynolds tells us that, “Our behavior is controllable in a way that our feelings are not. The more control we develop over our actions, the more chance we have of producing a self we can be proud of”.

To build a life that we’re proud of we need to consistently do what needs to be done regardless if we feel like it or not.   Knowing THAT you are the kind of person with that sense of control will bring you all the satisfaction and confidence you will ever need.

Top performers set routines.  They show up and go to work whether they feel like it or not.  You could say they have  “emotional stamina”.  Feeling terrible or feeling great, they still show up and get started; they play poorly well.

In all our creative pursuits we need to take consistent action.  Little by little if we continue to show up we will reach our goals.  We will get better at our craft.  But only if we show up.