Be the Author of Your Life — Write an Exciting Script and Live It! [The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle]

“Love your fate, accept your fate, endure whatever comes your way”— This is fundamental advice shared by all scholars, sages, and thought leaders across time.  Nobody would give you contrary advice.

Eckart Tolle, in “the Power of Now” takes it a step further and encourages us to act as if we scripted our lives.  Now, as the author of our lives, we, of course, would want to write a compelling novel that people would enjoy reading.  That means writing challenges for the protagonist, putting obstacles in his/her way, creating diabolic villains to best, dragons to slay, fair maidens to save.

Now that we have written our book, it’s our responsibility to act out the part of the hero with confidence and grace.  We approach each obstacle with courage.  We take each setback in stride. We love the process of transforming into a hero.  We wouldn’t want these challenges to be easy or predictable. That book would be boring. Instead, we embrace the plot twist with excitement. And the best part is that we have written the ending—so, we know we will succeed!  With this mindset, it would be hard not to have an amazing life!


  1. Take a moment, to write the story of your life. Make it challenging, fun, inspiring:
  2. Don’t have time right now? no biggie, chunk your task down to the first page of the book. write down the story of your day! Even if you just plan it out.  when will you wake up? What are your morning routines? How are you going to show up to give your best to your energy, your work, your relationships? What meetings do you have? What task do you need to complete? What inspiring quotes are on your mind? What’s your PM routine? Are you controlling the times of your day that are in your control?