Trust the Process 50lbs =an “A” [Originals by Adam Grant]

Mastery in anything takes years. It’s natural to want to see the results of your hard work instantaneously, but nothing great is never created over night. Success takes consistent, deliberate, passionate effort. It may seem like high achievers strike instant success to the public eye, but the creator knows that it took them thousands of hours honing their craft. The more we create the better we get at our chosen activity. For instance, an art teacher once offered half her class an “A” for creating one piece of masterpiece art. She offered the other half an “A” if they created 50 lbs of art throughout the semester. Guess which piece of art looked like the masterpiece? The 50 lbs students quickly iterated, failed, and practiced their craft and became much better artists than the students who focused on one piece of perfect art. Picasso, Beethoven, Star Athletes got good at their craft by the same process constant creation with no fear of failure. How many of Picasso’s painting are famous? 1% of his total paintings? Want to get good at anything? Show up every day with passion, confidence, and focus!