Carpe Diem Journal Instructions

Welcome! we’d like to introduce you to our daily journaling practice.
We journal to hold ourselves accountable as we build the habits into our daily routine that will help us reach the goals we set for ourselves on and off the field.
  1. Please print out copies of the journaling template.
  2. Every day, Spend as little as 1-minute filling out the journal template.
  3. When you have completed the exercise.  Please complete and send a picture of your first entry in to a coach/teammate, parent, or within your kohort group text.  Making our entry public will hold us accountable.
Here is a short how-to video walking through completing the journal entry. I also attached an example below.
1. Start in the open space at the Top (YOUR SPACE, remind yourself of who you want to be TODAY) Suggestions:
  • Write a quote you’re pondering from a book you’ve read, a speech you’ve heard, or your Coach’s daily wisdom.
  • (Choosing a pillar of Utah lacrosse, and write how you will practice it throughout the day is highly encouraged!)
  • What’s your AthleteType? Reflect on your strengths– how will you share them with the world today? Reflect on your weaknesses. What precautions will you take to make sure that they don’t get in the way of your success?
  • Draw a picture reminding yourself of the person you want to be.
  • If you are using the single-page template – you can use this space to plan your day i.e. Plan your day in a segment of this space. Reflect on it at the end of the day. We suggest using the format: (
2. Your Daily Identity, Virtues, Behaviors:
  • The minimum (i.e. “floor”) version of completing the daily journal involves writing as little as one word for each component of The Big 3 Areas of your Life (You can do this in 60 seconds):
Simplified 3 Areas of your life:
    1. Energy — Identity, Virtues, #1 Behavior to install, #1 Behavior to delete.
    2. Work/Lacrosse — Identity, Virtues, #1 Behavior to install. #1 Behavior to delete.
    3. Love/Leadership/Relationships— Identity, Virtues, #1 Behavior to install. #1 Behavior to delete.
The 3 Components to establish habits for each area of your life:
    1. Identity: Who are you committed to being today? (In Energy, Work, and Love.)
    2. Virtues: What are the qualities you’re going embody today? (In Energy, Work/lacrosse, and Relationships.)
    3. #1 Behavior: What’s the #1 Most Important Thing for you to do today in Energy, Work, and Relationships)?
3. Plan/reflect upon your day – Plan loosely in the AM, reflect in the PM! If you really want to dial in our your planning, we encourage you to apply the BulletJournal Method to this section.
  • AM -Jot down what you plan to do throughout the day
    • You control your AM’s. This is the time before worldly inputs. No distractions. Be creative before you’re reactive. What’s your every-day protocol?
  • The IN-BETWEEN – Log your meetings, practice, lifts, tasks needed to get done.
    • Now What needs to be done on each task!
  • PM – Take this time to reflect on your day, and even start writing your journal for the upcoming day (Tomorrow starts in the PM!)
    • This is the time after obligations– “Shut Down Complete” from worldly inputs. Shut done your work, the news, numbing TV, and commit to appreciating your relationships and/or your personal time for relaxation, hobbies, etc.
4. Measurements/Daily Targets:
  • Energy (0,1,10,100,1k,10k,25): These numbers can mean anything to you, the idea is to continually move throughout the day. We don’t want to workout once and be slugs the rest of the day. As humans, we have to move, to cultivate the energy we need to grow in our chosen work and love. here are some ideas of what the numbers may mean to you:
    • 0 – Did you meditate? Reflect for a moment, Decide to be great today? check it off!
    • 1- 1 sun-salutation when you wake up, 1 smile, 1-moment of gratitude, 1 push-up
    • 10- 10-pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 10 min of meditation, 10-breaths when you feel intense emotion.
    • 100- 100 burpees, push-ups, air squats spaced throughout the day. Movement is better than a cup of coffee, we need to stay focused.
    • 1k -1k meter row, 1 mile, a floor of an endurance exercise each day.
    • 10k – steps!
    • 25 – 25 min work-out, movement activity segment each day.
  • Work blocks ( Deep-work, Team-work, Monkey-Work): Tally each work-block throughout your day
    • Deep-work – Phones/notifications off. No distractions. Homework, practicing your sport, etc.
    • Team-work – Collaborating with others: team practice, group projects, partner activities.
    • Monkey-work – Checking emails/phones while performing work. Responding to other’s demands.
  • Love (0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0):
  • 0.0 – Did you take time to energize yourself today? (read, journal,work-out, meditate, write, time in nature?
  • 1.0 – Did you spend time 100% present with a friend, teammate, or family today ( no checking your phone, or watching TV unless intentionally doing so i.e. deciding to watch a movie together).
  • 2.0 – Did you share a MMPR (micro-moment of positivity) with a stranger, classmate, store clerk. Try to go a layer deeper than hello!
  • 3.0 – Did you encourage someone to do more of what they’re great at today? Did you intentionally compliment someone to let them know how much you appreciate them?
Make this journaling a priority. It will change your life. All we ask is a floor of 1-minute a day. No excuses–intentionally become the person you want to be!!