Getting Started

Utah Lacrosse Mental Gym (Getting Started Guide)

Welcome to the Utah Lacrosse “Mental Gym” The purpose of this gym is to give you a framework to help you develop your confidence, grit, toughness, happiness, success, etc.)

Mental toughness training is constant introspection, meditation, journaling upon the man that you are now and the man that you can be. It’s closing that gap, moment by moment. That’s all it is. But it’s not a “do once at the beginning of the year” thing — It’s an every day, every moment thing. We are asking that you to go all-in on becoming the man that you’re capable of being– that is the Utah Lacrosse way. . Like all things in life, you will get out of these exercises what you put into the process, Those who commit to the process will gain a sense of tranquil enthusiasm that will allow you to flourish in whatever circumstances the coaches, your opponents, and anything outside of lacrosse will inevitably throw your way.

Develop your “Reel”

We ask that you set a “floor” of one-minute every morning. living intently, focusing on the ideal person you hope to become. Click, to print one of these 2 this journal templates to guide you in the exercise. [Journal Template (1)] [Journal Template (2)]. This is the first step to developing your “reel”, your automatic positive thoughts that will fill your mind when you are tired, scared, frustrated, angry, etc. It’s up to you to proactively put on your armor each day to assure that negative, selfish thoughts don’t fill your mind instead.

To further develop the clarity on the man you want to be, please journal on the following topics. When you finish the exercise, take a picture of your answers, and at the very least, create a “mental gym album” within your phone, that you can reflect on once a week.

Mental Gym Classes:

  1. Build Your Identity “Reel” — Who you want to be? Why do you commit to the life of a Utah Lacrosse? (Modern Hero 101)
  2. AntiFragile Confidence —Build Your Mental Toughness — How Do You talk to yourself when thing go wrong?
  3. Craft Your “Masterpiece Day”
    1. Today is the Day —The Big Picture
    2. PM Bookend
    3. AM Bookend
  4. Leadership 101
  5. Energy 101
  6. Confidence 101

Put Your Reel (your mantras—tools ready-at-hand—into practice

The goal is to distill each of the journaling exercises listed above into a mantra, a short sentence you can rehearse to yourself the second you feel any less than your ideal self, to “flip the switch” back to the ideal version of yourself”. We will help you develop your personal mantras that you will have available for you to recite and thus intentionally anchor your mind in the exact moment that you feel challenged by a negative circumstance.

These mantras that can be used to confirm the virtues you choose to live your life by. They can also be used in the instant that you feel a less than desired thought or feeling (anger,sadness, exhaustion, laziness, etc,).

List of Mantras

We will help you develop your own, but here is a list of mantras that resonate with the coaching staff. We have categorized them in an easy framework that you can remember and draw upon in the moment that you feel pain, or just catch yourself lost in thought. You should also cycle through your mantras while meditating in the morning, nights, and throughout reps of physical exercises (i.e. sprint intervals, pull-ups etc). The goal is to make them your automatic reel when lost in thought.
Each mantra is associated with a Pillar of Utah Lacrosse.
Look for specific Mantras that different AthleteTypes should focus on first to help them optimize their strengths and address their weaknesses

The 8 “I Am Affirmations”

  1. I am Responsible for my own Happiness [Trust]
    1. I will Energize myself by honoring my fundamentals every day (Eat,Sleep,Move, Meditate)
    2. I am Virtuous – I try to be me my best self every moment of every day.
    3. I shine with Enthusiasm —I let God’s light shine through me. [Passion]
  2. I Seek Wisdom
    1. I am wise —I am smart and +know the game I’m playing [Honesty]
    2. I unplug from culture and listen to my intuition and people I respect. [Trust]
    3. I listen before I speak (I am laconic) [Humility] [Rocket]
    4. I Surround myself with good people who will help me grow. [Gratitude] [Knight]
    5. I care about being worthy of praise more than praise. [Humility] [Eagle]
  3. I have a Decided Heart
    1. I am Self-Aware — I know myself. [Honesty] [Engineer]
    2. I have Clear Targets aligned with my purpose (energy, work, love) [Honesty]
    3. I am Purpose-Driven —I get better in my energy, work, and love to serve others. [Passion] [Rocket]
    4. I ignore the opinions of critics. (Who may not even like themselves) [Trust] [Eagle] [Ice]
  4. I take Action – Now
    1. I am Present —I focus on what is important now (W.I.N) [Ice]
    2. I am constantly moving in the direction of my goals (energy, work, love)
    3. I WOOP (wish,outcome,obstacle,plan) my WIG (wildly important goal Energy,Work,Love) then WIN (What’s Important Now ) [Maverick] [Trailblazer] [Rocket]
    4. I chunk goals into smaller pieces and take the next step. [Maverick] [Trailblazer]
    5. I focus on creating a great body of work, rather than a perfect piece. [Ice]
    6. Either you’re the Predator or the Prey. Let’s Hunt. [Musketeer]
  5. I Decide to be Happy
    1. I choose to be happy every moment of every day. [Knight] [Ice]
    2. I am confident —I trust my Anti-Fragile Self. [Engineer]
    3. I play the Equanimity game – (when I get sad I make it a game to see how fast I can recover.) [Knight]
    4. If Sad – Then
  6. I Decide to Love and Forgive
    1. I love and forgive myself [Ice]
    2. I love and forgive everyone [Knight]
    3. I am kind, generous, and encouraging
    4. I am connected to everyone in this world
    5. I expect magic in every interaction [Knight] [Engineer]
    6. I see the best in people — assume good intentions! [Knight]
  7. I am Courageous. – I say Bring it on!
    1. I Never quit —too many people quit right before they accomplish their goal. [Engineer]
    2. I have “Burned the Boats”. No turning back! [Engineer]
    3. I reverse my desires —I love pain, it guides me towards my goals everything I want is through it [Engineer]
    4. Everything that happens is “Good”
  8. I am a Leader— I connect with others to develop deeper relationships.
    1. I am Charismatic
      1. I am Present (no phone when interacting)
      2. I am Warm (I make people feel heard) [Eagle]
      3. I am Powerful. (I know I’m great and don’t give my power away) [Musketeer]
    2. I CARE about my Teammates
      1. I connect with each of my teammates. [Ice]
      2. I can achieve what the team needs of me [Engineer]
      3. I respect and listen to all my teammates without judgement [Eagle]
      4. I empower my teammates to do more. [Rocket]
    3. I inspire Hope– I encourage teammates to be their best selves.

It’s our coaching staff’s job to create moments that you will NEED to proactively practice these mantras
(or you will fall victim to selfish thoughts that will sabotage your success on and off the field.)

To become mentally tough we need to continually push ourselves outside our comfort zone and realize that although perhaps bruised, winded, and emotionally drained–we’re fine. In fact, better off because we have grown stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s what a season at Utah lacrosse does for us, it creates a short simulation of life that allows us to train for the triumphs and defeats that life will inevitably throw our way. Every day we will train our bodies and mind to be prepared for whatever comes next. We will become strong by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones to see how great we can become. Like Navy SEALs, we compare this process of becoming strong to that of making a sword. We will heat you up, pound you with a hammer, and soak you in freezing cold water, and repeat this process a few thousand times until you become strong–unbreakable, ready to fight for any cause you set your intention on.

In the act we develop the mindset that any obstacle is not a threat but a challenge that fuels our growth. We reverse our desires to seek out pain because we know that all growth lies just outside our comfort zone.

is to develop your “reel” the things you say to yourself to “flip the switch”, to instantly transform yourself into the best version of yourself.