AntiFragile Confidence (Obstacles Make Me Stronger)

This section will provide tools that will help you trust your antifragile-self to navigate the self-doubt, hopelessness, and exhaustion that you will inevitably feel as you quest towards the best version of yourself.

Anti Fragile Response-Ability — Using challenges as Fuel for Growth

Mind Tools Ready at Hand

This module contains many tools that you can practice when you feel exhausted, hopeless, bored (any unwanted emotion). Write down your favorite tools and when you can use them (i.e Suffering=pain X resistance, Equinmity game, victim vs. creator, memento Mori, Amor Fati, warrior vs. Librarian, Barbell Strategies, Phil Stutz Tools, your mantras, your if-then algorithms.

0010. Antifragile vs. Resilient vs. Fragile [Resilience by Eric Greitens]

If you were a postage box, being shipped across the country, how would you be labeled? Fragile—don’t drop me I’ll break, or Resilient—I can be dropped and be fine, or Antifragile—the more you drop me the stronger I get?

0004. Your Infinite Potential (and where to find it) [The Tools by Phil Stutts]

What lies outside our comfort zone? Success, happiness, etc. Stretch Yourself every day

0019. How to Build Your Grit — The 4 Key Scientific Variables [Grit by Angela Duckworth]

Effort Counts twice. Effort counts twice. Talent * Effort = Skill. Skill * Effort =Achievement.

0071. Wearing Scars as Medals [Paulo Coelho by Paul Coelho]

Everything that happens to you is good. Change your perceptions to see your past struggles as blessings.