How to Wash Your Brain — Sleep Soundly and Honor Your Fundamentals

Just like brushing our teeth every day, we need to brush our brains.

How? We need to prioritize our sleep. We harp endlessly on the need to honor our fundamentals (eating, sleeping, moving, and breathing) so we can build the energy necessary to go all-in 100% on accomplishing our work/school/athletic goals and our relationship goals. When we get sufficient sleep it’s like taking a Zamboni to our brains so we can start the next day fresh.

Naturally, our bodies know how to sleep. For instance, you don’t need to tell a baby how to sleep! However, as we become adults we develop bad habits that get in the way of what we showing up and giving our best selves to the world. The solution is to patiently chip away at the layers of bad habits that cover up our natural ability.

So, where to start? Well, when developing any good habit, a good place to start is with your why.