Parker Teagle

utah-byu-scrimmage-final-3Parker Teagle B.S., CSCS, CF1, NASM, BFS

Parker Teagle is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and is currently the head Sport Performance coach for the Utes Lacrosse program. He received his undergraduate degree locally in Exercise Science with an emphasis on fitness leadership, along with a minor in nutrition.

Parker is currently a Graduate Assistant for the University of Utah, pursuing his Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Parker has worked with several successful private practices throughout his career, in addition to working in the Collegiate setting over three years. Parker has helped lead Hillcrest High School’s women’s soccer team to its most successful season in school history, along with managing his own sport performance training center in Draper, UT.

Parker’s Philosophy
As a Performance Coach, I believe it is my responsibility to constantly adapt and to create an environment of innovation, hard-work, trust, perseverance, and encouragement. I must always be monitoring and adapting my approach for results and seek opportunities to leverage research breakthroughs, as well as best practices, if I am going to help create an environment of success. Before I can truly create an environment of success, I must first establish trust between me and my athletes. They have to know I have their health and success in mind, have the competency to instruct them, and communicate thoroughly to instill confidence. From there, creating an environment where hard-work is something that is mandatory will ultimately lead to perseverance and success. It is my job to lead and encourage the athletes through the threshold from “The Grind” to “The Results.”